Clara Luz

Finca Clara Luz is located in the Huancocolla Valley, around ancient settlements of indigenous tribes. The surrounding area belongs to the Natural Reserve of Parque Nacional Yacuri, preserving the wonders of the natural forests and fauna that thrive in the mountains. The coffee farm Clara Luz was established around the turn of the 20th century and the Gonazlez Jimenez family took over from 1935, growing and cultivating such unique cherries for the specialty coffee industry. While the Gonzalez family listen to the requests of their buyers, they prefer to utilise with natural and honey processing methods on their farm, as they feel these methods best showcase the terroir of their region and their country.


Quilanga, Loja

Coffee farmer walking through rows of arabica coffee shrubs in Ecuador


Servio Gonzalez


Sidra & Geisha


1650 - 1720 m


May - Sep

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Lone green coffee tree growing in the forest under sun in Ecuador

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