The Tropic Coffee Company manages and processes the cherries delivered to the Cyato Washing Station by the local farmers, and they separate these cherries either by the hill in which they were grown or by the group of female farmers who work nearby. The Cyato Washing Station values the benefit of the bees that pollinate the biodiverse forests that surround them. Because of the bees, the red bourbon trees that grow here can yield up to 50% more coffee cherries, making this a flourishing region for coffee growing, and an exciting region for us to discover.


Nyamasheke District, Cyato

Top view of Cyato Washing Station in the coffee belt in Rwanda


Tropic Coffee Company


Red Bourbon


1930 - 2200 m


Apr - Jul

Female coffee workers sorting through natural processed arabica cherries drying on raised beds at Cyato washing station Rwanda
View of the Cyato Coffee Washing Station in Rwanda

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