El Mirador

Finca El Mirador is a family farm that spans back 80 years. Today, producer Elkin Guzmán and his mother Fanny Vergas operate 32 hectares of land with good organic matter that helps grow nutrient rich trees. In a world of coffee differentiation, Finca El Mirador is experimenting and evaluating the variables that improve the quality of their specialty green beans, and they are proud to provide their excellent product to coffee drinkers, everywhere.



Aerial view of Finca El Mirador farm in the mountains of Huila region of Colombia


Elkin Guzmán


Caturra, Tabi, Catiope, Orange Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Geisha, Mokka, Caturron


1550 - 1700 m


May - Jul & Sep - Dec

Producer Elkin Guzmán manager of Finca El Mirador in Huila, Colombia inspecting coffee trees
Washed coffee beans drying at Finca El Mirador in Huila Colombia
Hand picking ripe coffee cherries by farmer at Finca El Mirador Huila Colombia

Product List

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