El Pacae

Finca El Pacae is named so for the sheer volume of pacae shrubs that grow and thrive in the area. The pacae shrubs provide excellent shade protection for the coffee trees as well as being an essential source of nitrogen. Producer Virgilio Carpio believes that the pacae is the best educator for specialty coffee, and we’re keen to see just what that means. Virgilio, his wife, his children, and some neighbours of the local community work meticulously across finca El Pacae to grow and cultivate coffee varieties with the purest DNA, and we think his community recognised passion and innovative mentality are expressed through his beans.



Mountain landscape in Peru with clouds and sun


Virgilio Carpio


Red Typica, Geisha, Maragogype


1830 m


Jul - Oct

Coffee farmer planting germinated young tree in earth in Peru

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