The Gatare washing station is located in one of the richest coffee districts in Rwanda, and it is only growing in popularity. The landscape is covered in wetlands fed by the nearby Lake Kivu, making the soil perfect for crops such as rice, sugar cane, tea and coffee. As a result, local small holder farmers are able to deliver large volumes of cherries, and the Gatare washing station can sell 500 tonnes of green bean in one year. The flavours of Rwanda are expressed vibrantly through the work at Gatare washing station, and Project Origin is excited to explore harvest after harvest.


Nyamasheke District

Empty raised drying beds ready for processing coffee beans in Gatare washing station Rwanda


Rwanda Trading Company




1500 - 1800 m


Apr - Jun

Various stages of ripeness in coffee cherries red bourbon varietal growing on a wild coffee tree in the natural forest
Gatare washing station mountain view with red earth in Rwanda coffee growing region

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