The Gichichi wet mill in southern Nyeri County of Kenya is one of many farms and mills part of the Othaya Farmer’s Co-operative Society. The Society employs 477 workers at the Gichichi mill and all coffees through this Society are certified Fairtrade. Uniquely in Kenya, they combine gravity with water to transport the green beans to each stage of the processing station – combining ingenuity and organisation for efficiency in their work. The green beans flow down man-made water channels and the workers use slides to direct the beans into specific stations to continue the processing journey.


Nyeri County, Central Region

Coffee cherries drying at Gichichi wet mill in southern Nyeri county in Kenya


Othaya Farmer's Co-operative Society


SL 28 & SL 34


1795 m


Oct - Jan

Producer hand sorting ripe whole cherries at Gichichi wet mill in southern Nyeri county Kenya

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