The Nova Coffee company owned and managed by Agnes Mukamushinja and Felix Hitayezu work to build ethical and sustainable coffee farming practices across their community. They provide resources to their 2880 small holder farmers, of which 382 are women, they care for the biodiverse environment and the bees that bring life to the plants, and they invest towards creating a richer and healthier lifestyle for not just the farmers, but their families and communities as well. With such care and love towards people, environment and coffee, we know that the flavours of Gicumbi Rwanda will be filled with so much more than simple tasting notes.


Gicumbi District, Northern Province

Beautiful landscape view overlooking natural processed coffee cherries drying under sun in valley and mountains of Rwanda


Nova Coffee Company


Red Bourbon


1800 - 2000 m


Mar - Jun

Wil red bourbon coffee cherries ripening on tree Rwanda

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