Currently the owner and operator of Intango washing station, Gilbert Gatali is a coffee enthusiast with more than 13 years of experience in the specialty coffee industry. He was previously the Managing Director of premier coffee export company, KZ Noir Ltd, and sat on the board of directors representing Rwanda for the Africa Fine Coffee Association (AFCA). Through the export company Roots Origin, Intango has programs that focus on social impacts for small holder farmers, and have recently begun work with women in villages to sell their coffees as exclusive lots.


Western Province, Karongi District, Kibaya Village

View of Lake Kivu in Rwanda at a coffee producing area


Gilbert Gatali




1500 - 2000 m


Apr - Jun

Coffee farmers spreading whole cherries on raised beds for processing in Rwanda
Natural process coffee beans drying on raised African bed spread in layers for clarity in cup profile
View of coffee cherries drying and Intango Washing Station in Rwanda

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