Kiaga wet mill is located between the Rutene River and the Ruarai River, east of the Aberdare Ranges. Nestled neatly between these eastern Aberdare Ranges and the Western slopes of Mt Kenya sits Nyeri County – the heart of Kenya, and perfect growing conditions for coffee trees. The Kiaga wet mill works with the Othaya Farmer’s Co-operative Society, a society with 11,000 farmer members and 19 washing stations or ‘factories’ as they are locally known. After wet milling and drying at Kiaga, the coffee is taken to a dry mill in Gatuyaini before being cupped, packed and exported.


Nyeri County, Central Region

Coffee drying beds at Kiaga wet mill near Rutene River and the Ruarai River, Nyeri county Kenya


Othaya Farmer's Co-operative Society


SL 28 & SL 34


1900 m


Nov - Feb

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Unripe green coffee cherries on branches projecting upwards

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