La Finquita

Producer Manuel Ignacio Sandoval Ulloa worked on a coffee producing farm near his home where his curiosity grew enough to begin planting his own coffee trees. At finca La Finquita in the La Papaya Region, Manuel began by sowing 1000 trees of the improved Typica variety across 1.5 hectares of his land. Boasting the ever impressive view of the Andean landscape, the coffee trees grow in conjunction with other typical crops of the area, such as beans and corn, and the processed coffee beans are dried beneath canopys for a high quality finish.


La Papaya, Saraguro

Landscape view of coffee farm on mountainside in Ecuador La Finquita


Manuel Ignacio Sandoval Ulloa




1960 m


May - Sep

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Coffee producer Manuel harvesting specialty arabica cherries at coffee farm La Finquita Ecuador
Green coffee trees growing on mountainside in Ecuador

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