La Victoria

Producer Vitaliano Merino at finca La Victoria resides amongst an abundance of flora and fauna endemic to its microclimate within the Imbana region of Ecuador. The farm is crossed by two rivers, El Cristal and Colorado River, providing plenty of natural water to enrich the soil and surrounding areas. The coffee beans at La Victoria have led Vitiliano to win first place in the Bracamoros Coffee Award in 2017 and fourth place in the Taza Dorada in 2018. The work that goes towards producing such a high quality of specialty green coffee beans deserves to be shared, and Project Origin are pleased to offer this to our roasting partners.



Mountain and valley view of green land through Ecuador


Vitaliano Merino




1750 m


May - Sep

Producer and female producer presenting harvested whole coffee cherries freshly picked
Love hands presenting semi washed specialty arabica green coffee beans in Ecuador

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