The Maganjo wet mill is in the Mukurwe-ini region of Nyeri County and is operated by the Rumukia Farmer’s Co-operative Society. This society employs hundreds of people at the Maganjo mill, is Fairtrade certified and regularly organises ‘field days’ to train its members in the best agricultural practices, while also providing services for education and medical emergencies. The focus on community wellbeing and the delicious tasting coffees that come from this area meant it was clear to Project Origin that we needed to start supplying these green beans to the world.


Nyeri County, Central Region

Drying beds at the Maganjo wet mill in Mukurwe-ini region operated by Rumukia Farmer's Cooperative Society


Rumukia Farmer's Co-operative Society


SL 28 & SL 34


1750 - 1850 m


Oct - Dec

Female coffee farmer picking ripe coffee cherries off tree for Maganjo wet mill in the Mukurwe-ini region

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