Built in 2017 as a joint project with our exporting partner Primrose, the Guji Masina washing station was the site of our very first production of Ethiopian carbonic maceration processed coffee. We learnt a vast amount from our experiences refining the CM process here, and the coffee from this station deservedly went on to win at the 2018 World Barista Championships. Project Origin and Primrose also partnered up to fund the construction of a bridge over the nearby river, to allow passage between the nearby town and school and the washing station, saving the local community from traversing 1-2 hours to the next nearest river crossing.



Washed coffee beans under full sun at Guji Masina washing station Ethiopia






1950 - 2300 m


Nov - Feb

Wet processing method for coffee beans in concrete channels Guji Masina washing station Ethiopia
Washed coffee beans drying on raised beds at Guji Masina washing station in Ethiopia
Carbonic Maceration fermentation tanks at Guji Masina washing station in Ethiopia to process CM coffee

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