The Rukira wet mill sits in Nyeri County, known as ‘the heart of Kenya’, between the River Mumwe and the River Thuti, which originates from the Aberdare Range. The mill processes cherries from more than 670 smallholder farmers throughout the Nyeri highlands. Through collaboration with Project Origin, the Rukira wet mill implemented training for natural processed coffees to compliment their washed lots. With red volcanic soils rich in phosphorus and slow maturation of the cherries, these green beans are the perfect raw material for great specialty coffee microlots. The addition of cool temperatures means drying times are often extended in this region resulting in rich flavours, lots of sweetness and coffees that age very well.


Nyeri County, Central Region

Washed coffee beans drying on raised African beds at Rukira wet mill near the River Mumwe and the River Thuti


Othaya Farmer's Co-operative Society


SL 28 & SL 34


1800 m


Nov - Feb

Producers working over washed coffee beans drying at the green Rukira wet mill in Nyeri County
Parchment store at Rukira wet mill to store processed coffee ready for export

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