We are now taking your expressions of interest to join us on this origin trip! If you are a roaster interested in sourcing from this origin register your details as we would love to show you our work there. This origin trip will take place in July. Limited places available.



Who can join on this trip?

We strongly encourage roasters and green bean buyers to join us on this trip where you have the opportunity to choose fresh crop lots for your roastery’s rotation direct from the farm.

What will I have to pay for?

We ask you to organise your own flights to and from Dili, and cover some on the ground costs as your confirmation of attending. These costs will be shared when we have concrete bookings based on how many people will be joining us.

Does Project Origin organise everything?

Pretty much. You will need to organise your own flights and visas, but we will organise traveling around, hotels, and the visits with producers, mills and cupping spaces, as well as arrange to export any coffees you take interest in when you are there.

What is the focus of this trip?

The focus of this origin trip is to connect roasters and green bean buyers of various companies to the people who make the beans, and allow the access to pick lots directly from origin. This trip is about allowing you to see what it is we do with our producing partners and be part of the choices we make when exporting and importing green beans by hand picking your lots with us.

Do I have to organise my own freight and export logistics if I choose to buy a coffee whilst in Timor-Leste?

No – we will still do all of that for you! You just get to be part of the conversation a little earlier in the timeline than normal.

Will I get to go on this trip if I register my expression of interest now?

Maybe. Our expression of interest form allows us to see who is interested and then we will hand pick the people we think will get the most out of this trip to join us. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to join us, but the smaller group size means when you do go, you have greater opportunity to see, learn and taste more.

Our team will be in contact with the successful applicants regarding the next steps.

How many people will be on the tour?

We will be taking about 9 people with us to Timor-Leste.

When will I find out if I am going on this origin trip?

Our team will be in contact with the successful applicants regarding the next steps around the end of May, to prepare mid July trip.

I can't make this trip. Will I have another opportunity to visit another origin?

Yes, more opportunities will come. When we have the opportunity to take people to origin, we will announce it via our social channels and email marketing newsletters. Make sure you are subscribed to us to see when, and if you regularly order coffees with us, talk to your Project Origin sales rep about your interest in certain origins so we can keep you in mind when the opportunity arises.

I'm a huge coffee enthusiast, but I don't work in the purchasing of green coffee part of the business. Am I still eligible to join the trip?

Our origin trips will always have a purpose towards why we are going, and so the people who join us on those trips should also share a similar why.

This origin trip focuses on the purchase of green beans from Timor-Leste and viewing the growing industry there, and so the people we are looking for will more likely be involved, in some way, with a roastery business or green bean purchases.

We still encourage all to register your interest.

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We appreciate you answering these questions. This will allow us to ensure this trip is right for you.

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