Tumba coffee washing station is located in the northern province of Rwanda, a region best known for growing some of the most prized and highly regarded coffees in the country. Project Origin began sourcing coffee from Tumba in 2020 who identify their high-quality lots as ‘Supreme’ coffee. We gravitated towards Tumba’s owner, Venuste Mugiraneza, a former teacher who is passionate about coffee and wishes for the world to taste the region through his green beans. But Venuste’s initiative doesn’t stop there – as a local resident he invests to support his local community while maintaining his high quality of coffee beans.


North Province, Rulindo District

Landscape view of Rwandan country from Tumba Coffee Washing Station


Venuste Mugiraneza


Red Bourbon


1776 m


Apr - Jun

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Rwanda coffee producer Venuste Mugiraneza presenting clean washed process green beans at Tumba washing station Rwanda
Washing channels to wash mucilage off green coffee beans to create washed process cup profiles in Tumba washing station Rwanda
Red bourbon coffee cherries before they are ripe and ready for harvest in Tumba Rwanda coffee growing area

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