Entre Caminos

Project Origin began working with producer Fernando Contreras at his farm Entre Caminos in 2018. Not only are Fernando’s coffees an excellent expression of the Marcala region terroir, but his focus on environmentalism and sustainability are values that we support and admire. On a trip to Honduras, Fernando told us that one of his primary motivations for growing coffee was to help people from outside Honduras taste and smell this part of the world, allowing them to appreciate the clean mountain air and the natural beauty of the Marcala region.



Producer Fernando Contreras owns Entre Caminos located in the Marcala region of Honduras


Fernando Contreras


Catuai & Lempira


1700 m


Jan - Mar

Producer Fernando Contreras spreading whole coffee cherries on drying beds at Entre Caminos Honduras
Whole coffee cherries laid out on drying beds at Entre Caminos in the Marcala region of Honduras

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