Our values


We value the community efforts that go into producing coffee and so we invest in projects that can better both the quality of the coffee and the livelihoods of those working to produce it.

School in Marcala – Honduras

Our friend Don Fabio Cabellero has responded to his community’s needs for a school that was close to home and close to the parent’s workplace. So he built one! And we were honoured to contribute to this project.

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Thageini Drying Beds – Kenya

We know the Thageini Washing Station can produce coffees of exceptional quality. We wanted to provide the team there with the opportunity to increase their drying capacity to include exceptional natural coffees to their catalogue.

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Water Well – Guji Masina

Fresh, clean water is essential not only for coffee production, but for life. Project Origin listened to the needs of the community and funded the construction of a well that will last for years to come.

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Shade Drying Tents – Guji Masina

Project Origin funded drying tents in Masina, Ethiopia in 2019. Shade drying tents provide producers greater control over their drying methods and techniques, allowing curated flavours and profiles to shine.

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Our Core Values


Quality, for us, is more than just a cupping score. We take the relationship of score, cup profile, price and purpose to stamp our Project Origin mark of value on a coffee.