Community Projects

Shade Drying Tents – Guji Masina

Project Origin funded drying tents in Masina, Ethiopia in 2019. Shade drying tents provide producers greater control over their drying methods and techniques, allowing curated flavours and profiles to shine.
Shade drying tents in Guji Ethiopia part of our community projects

As part of our ongoing commitment to community projects, we funded the construction of four large shade drying tents in 2019 at Muje Masina Washing Station in Ethiopia.

These tents are used to have greater control over drying methods and can resultantly enhance the unique coffee experiences from Masina for coffees processed in any of the traditional processing methods as well as for our Carbonic Maceration Selections range.

The 2020 harvest saw the results of these tents and they were received with great enthusiasm. The large drying tents for this washing station in Ethiopia were donated on behalf of four clients that have been huge supporters of Project Origin’s Ethiopian coffees.

We thank Espresso Lab (UAE), Honey Coffee (Japan), ONA Coffee (Australia), and Symmetry Roasters (Australia) for their long term support.

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