Community Projects

Water Well – Guji Masina

Fresh, clean water is essential not only for coffee production, but for life. Project Origin listened to the needs of the community and funded the construction of a well that will last for years to come.
Project Origin contributed towards building a fresh water well for the communities in Guji for all to use. Part of our community projects

Access to clean water is an essential necessity for life. Near the Sodu Village of the Masina Town, the local people only had access to natural spring water, but this water was not easy to collect in water containers for use and unfortunately it was not very clean. This also made life difficult for the coffee washing stations to process the beans.

After hearing about this water availability, Project Origin began to fund the construction of a water well. This water well was built and completed in 2019 in the Sodu Village and today it services 1000 people from this village and surrounding villages as well as the coffee farmers and producers at the nearby washing stations. We built and secured the well to ensure it would last many years and continue to provide easy and reliable access to fresh, clean water.

The local townspeople assign a specific person to open access to the well at 4pm everyday ensuring it is available to all in the community to use, not just coffee farmers and producers. The funds for this water well came from our Community Fund. This means that every roaster who bought coffee from any origin with Project Origin through the year 2019 has contributed to this project coming to life and supporting the people of Masina in southern Ethiopia.