Community Projects

School in Marcala – Honduras

Our friend Don Fabio Cabellero has responded to his community’s needs for a school that was close to home and close to the parent’s workplace. So he built one! And we were honoured to contribute to this project.
Contributing to children at the Marcala School in Santa Barbara Honduras as part of our community projects

Producer Don Fabio is one of the most respected coffee farmers in Central America, and one of our closest friends in Honduras. Project origin founder, Saša Šestić, often refers to Don Fabio as one of his mentors in coffee green bean growing and production.

Saša recently commissioned the painting of a mural at Project Origin headquarters, complete with a quote from Don Fabio: “El café, mientras esta en la planta es perfecto, una vez recolectado nuestra responsibilidad es mantaner esa perfección hasta la taza final.” Translated, he says, “The coffee cherry on the plant is perfect. We must remember our responsibility is to maintain that perfection all the way to the final cup.” Don Fabio is heavily involved in his local community, particularly that of his co-workers. With his own resources and support from benefactors, he has constructed a school for children in Marcala, Honduras. Don Fabio observed that many of the children of his workers had to travel great distances to get to school, or didn’t attend school at all. So, to make life easier for his team and their children, this school was built in a proximity that enabled them greater access to education.

The Project Origin team is honoured to have been a partner in this project, contributing funds to complete the kitchen in the school. We look forward to working more with Don Fabio and his community in future projects, both on coffee farms and in the wider community.

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