San José

Eudoro Guillen is a second generation coffee farmer, following in the footsteps of his late father. Together, with his wife Norma Flores and mother Doña Silvia, they work to honour the legacy and knowledge left behind by Eudoro’s father, and they dedicate themselves towards new innovations and high-quality coffee. It was this dedication that caught Project Origin’s attention, and with the help of our partners, Bridazul, we have implemented our signature carbonic maceration techniques to the coffees from San José.


Las Manos, Dipilto

Young coffee seedlings ready for planting at San Jose coffee farm in Nicaragua


Eudoro Guillen




1250 - 1350 m


Jan - Mar

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CM Selections label coffees are all coffees processed using the carbonic maceration techniques. They are categorised into five gemstone profiles: Diamond, Indigo, Jasper, Amber and Opal.
Eudoro Guillen is a coffee farmer dedicated towards new innovations and high-quality coffee
Fertile soil hand held at San Jose coffee farm in Nicaragua

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