Buena Vista

Finca Buena Vista can be found down a steep and rocky path in the department of La Paz and producer Francisco Corea wasted no time at all to build up the farm his way. He took many courses and sought out his organic certification to build a farm that would set a good example for organic processing and integrated management styles. His coffee pulp does not go to waste, but rather is recycled to feed the worms that are integral to creating healthy compost and fertiliser, to feed the trees, and so on it goes. Francisco has begun to innovate with natural and honey processes to further diversify his coffees cup profiles, ready for Project Origin to share.


Santiago de Puringia, La Paz

A beautiful view from Finca Buena Vista which can be found down a steep and rocky path in La Paz


Francisco Corea


Catuai, Typica, Bourbon


1650 m


Dec - Apr

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Coffee cherries grow on branches of trees before they are picked and turned into coffee beans

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