Bwenda Mountain

The Bwenda Mountain is just one of many locations that supply coffee to the Trapro Washing Stations managed by producer Bernard Uwitije. Bernard was inspired to build a communal station that would enable local coffee growers to access a space to sell their coffee but would also empower others in the community to work for a sustainable income using coffee. He acquired Bwenda Mountain Washing Station in 2019 and produces 320 tonnes per harvest, but Bernard has plans to increase this output and train his farmers in even better agricultural practices to improve their quality and gain a better income to share with the community. Project Origin are excited by the work of Bernard, and we proudly present the work of the community from Bwenda Mountain.


Nyamagabe District

Beautiful landscape of Bwenda Mountain washing station for community coffee processing in Rwanda


Bernard Uwitije




1700 - 1900 m


Apr - Jun

Coffee tree seedlings growing under shade at Bwenda Mountain Rwanda to give to local farmers to grow the coffee community
Producer watering baby coffee seedlings to grow and cultivate coffee trees in Rwanda at Bwenda Mountain

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