Cruz Gorda

A farm that grows coffee with specialty roasters in mind. Cruz Gorda specialises in bourbon and pacas varieties that grow on sandy loam soil and under the shade of conifers. This is another farm owned and managed by our friend Mauricio Salaverría, and he uses this farm to create some truly special flavours. His cherries, after being selectively picked and sorted, undergo semi-washed pulping and are initially dried in thick layers to build maximise sweetness in the cup profile. These coffees truly are for the specialty lovers out there.

El Salvador

Los Naranjos, Apaneca

Unripe green coffee beans growing on tree


Mauricio Salaverría


Bourbon, Pacas


1500 m


Oct - Jan

Honey processed coffee cherries in bag by Mauricio Salaverria at Cruz Gorda in El Salvador

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