Finca Milaydi

Ever Díaz first planted coffee in 2004 at his farm. It wasn’t until 2016 that he discovered just how impressive his coffees were when he won the Project Origin Best of El Salvador Auction with his washed pacamara. The following year he won the same event again with his 2017 harvest of the same coffee and in 2021 he won the El Salvador COE Auction. Project Origin were saddened by the news of Ever’s passing in 2022, and continue to cherish the time we spent with him and his family.

El Salvador

Alotepec, Metapan

Pacamara coffee trees growing in the forest at Finca Milaydi in El Salvador


Ever Leonel Díaz




1300 m


Nov - Feb

Flowering pacamara coffee tree at Finca Milaydi in El Salvador

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