Wush Wush

The well-renowned Wush Wush coffee resides in the Keffa Region. The etymology of Keffa loosely translates through Arabic descent to mean “a drink from berries”, and this seems fitting considering the south-eastern area of Ethiopia is where wild Coffea arabica trees were discovered. Our Wush Wush coffee comes through our partnership with Homeland Organic Coffee Estate, a farm around 500 hectares in size that comprises a near even split of young and mature trees. By purchasing through direct trade, we have greater traceability than most Ethiopian coffee trails and this relationship provides us with better clarity around the green bean processing.



Raised drying beds in green forest at Wush Wush washing station in Keffa, Ethiopia
Green landscape coffee trees growing at Wush Wush station in Keffa Ethiopia
Hands holding wet processed dried coffee beans at Wush Wush washing station Keffa Ethiopia
Green unripe coffee cherries on tree at Wush Wush washing station Keffa Ethiopia

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