Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of five farms owned by producer Luis Emilio Valladárez in the Dipilto region. To ensure the quality of his coffee, Luis and his sons pay special attention to all aspects of the producing line, such as monitoring the sunlight exposure to the beans during the drying phase. By focusing on smaller details like this, Luis can ensure the bigger picture goals of creating economic, social and environmental benefits of his farm are shared with his local community.


Las Manos, Dipilto

Close up of white coffee tree flowers at Buenos Aires farm Nicaragua


Luis Emilio Valladárez Zelaya


Yellow Catuai, Maracaturra, Peaberry, Maragogype, Caturra


1200 - 1450 m


Jan - Mar

Cascara is made from the dried cherry that grows around the green coffee beans. Our Cascara label offers nuances in flavour, sweetness and body and comes from a variety of producers.
Sunset over Buenos Aires farm and natural coffee drying in shade tents

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