El Amparo

In the Nueva Segovia region, Mario Gonzalez and Ovidio Argueta began their coffee production from scratch in 2006, planting coffee trees on their three farms – El Amparo, Los Suyates and El Avión – beneath the shade of the huge pine trees previously sold for timber. El Amparo is located in Dipilto and situated at 1050masl. In Nicaraguan Spanish, El Amparo means ‘protection’. Wind and sun protection are provided by the large confiner trees once used for timber, and a range of fruit trees and native plants provide further shade and also organic material to fertilise the soil. With an agronomist in the family the soil is impeccably cared for and the trees are lush and healthy.


San Fernando, Dipilto

Green coffee cherries not yet ready to pick off coffee tree


Mario Gonzalez & Ovidio Argueta


Catuai & Catimor


1050 m


Jan - Mar

Specialty coffee producer Mario Gonzalez in Nicaragua

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