Finca Beti

Finca Beti, the beginning of an era. This is the very first Project Origin farm bought and owned by our founder Saša Šestić. The goal was to explore the entire coffee chain – he knew how to roast beans, how to brew coffee and about importing stock, but what about growing trees and processing green beans? Finca Beti became a house of learning and experimentation, and eventually inspired the launch of the Best of Honduras Late Harvest Auction. The farm is maintained on a daily basis by Saša’s long term friends Jorge and Maria Lanza, local producers who also tend to their own coffee farms, and with their help, we have grown to understand much about this world of coffee farming and production.


Santa Barbara, Montecillos

Landscape covered in coffee trees at Sasa Sestic barista champion's farm Finca Beti in Honduras
Panoramic view of coffee growing across landscape at Sasa Sestic's farm Finca Beti located in Honduras

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