Finca Moreno

Producer Pedro Moreno is a third generation coffee producer who does not limit his farming abilities to just Coffea arabica trees. Finca Moreno grows vegetables such as corn and beans for a diverse source of income, and employs the whole Moreno family, including Pedro’s children and grandchildren, who have also taken up the baton of coffee production. Nestled within the farm is another much smaller farm managed by Pedro, named Finca Manzanita. This microlot offers distinctly unique profiles and the offering is always one that we are excited to taste. The work at Finca Moreno has, so far, resulted in 2nd place Cup of Excellence awards in both 2008 and 2014 competitions.


El Cedral, Santa Barbara

A cloudy view from a coffee farm in the Santa Barbara region of Honduras


Pedro Moreno




1500 m


Jan - Mar

Red coffee cherries on branch of coffee tree

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