Don Fabio Caballero

Don Fabio Caballero is a well-known producer in Honduras and one of Saša’s mentors in specialty coffee production and farming. Across his multiple farms he produces his own fertiliser to apply to the small plants in the nursery and the flowering plants on the farm. With the help of his daughter Marysabel, Don Fabio has entered multiple competitions and placed 1st in Cup of Excellence for 2016 and 2018, with their 2016 placement selling for a record USD120.50/lb. His farms San Francisco and Mogola both use the Guardiola for green bean drying, a technique that only enhances the quality of his coffees.



Green landscape of coffee farm managed by coffee producer Don Fabio Caballero


Don Fabio Cabellero




1500 - 1650 m


Jan - Mar

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Supernatural coffees encompass a variety of experimental techniques. They are less about clarity and refinement and more about expressive, exciting, yet approachable profiles.
Don Fabio standing with a coffee tree at finca Caballero in Marcala region of Honduras

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