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Harvesting Calendar 2020

Some of the most special coffees get sourced in advance. You might have heard of many special Project Origin lots but never really seen them on our product list. A big percentage of what we source gets sold before it gets to the product list to roasters that plan ahead. If you are looking for something specific or consistently needed in your blends talk to your green bean partner. Don’t wait to see only the coffees that are left in stock. You might be missing out on the best picks. We’ve edited our Harvesting Calendar with all the origins we are sourcing coffee from at the moment!


1. Most origins harvest once per year.

2. Work out yearly volumes to ensure you never run out of blend components that are really important to you.

3. Secure supply of those blend components with your green bean partner so you don’t run out of beans.

4. If you know exactly what you need for the year you can contract 100% of your requirement. If you want some flexibility go for 60-80%.

5. Ask your green bean partner about how they can finance and store the coffee for you so you only order what you need when you need it.







A PDF of this calendar is available to download here: Coffee Harvesting Calendar


If you want more information about how to contract specialty green coffee beans with Project Origin just write us to [email protected] and someone from our office in Canberra, Australia will help you!

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