What does ‘fresh harvest’ mean?

Green coffee beans in parchment

When you say you want ‘fresh harvest coffee’, how fresh are you talking? And how old are you willing to use? Whilst we all desire to work with fresh crop lots and revel in its vibrancy, are you aware that your access to ‘fresh crop’ may not be as ‘fresh’ as you think, making it […]

International Coffee Day 2023

Hands holding ripe coffee cherries at Santuario Sul in Brazil

You already know – workplace health and safety is important! It is important in every occupation, in every location. Everyone has a right to a safe and healthy working environment, including in the coffee supply chain… including workers, farmers, producers and pickers at a coffee farm. (Surprise, surprise – we’re here to advocate for the […]

Creating Coffee Blends

As coffee lovers we have all had that wow experience where the flavour, the aroma and the texture of a coffee seduced our senses. Hopefully we have had that experience many times.
A big part of achieving this wow factor in blended coffees comes down to the roasters’ choice of beans and understanding the different characteristics of origins as well as processing.

Prepayment Plans at Origin

Coffee varietal Hybrido de Timor cherries ripe on tree Timor-Leste

Project Origin, in 2023, is implementing prepayment plans for the farmers who pick cherries for the Thageini Washing Station in Kenya. Over the upcoming years, we will see the differences the advanced payments can make to the community, and we will report back with the results. Here is everything to know about prepayment plans. What […]

Ageing Green Beans

Ordering coffee to last a year’s worth of roasting It is important to know your harvesting calendar. Most origins will harvest their cherries only once per year. This means that you have one opportunity every twelve months to secure lots from that origin, and those lots will last you until they undertake the next harvest. […]

Orijem Timor

Coffee varietal Hybrido de Timor cherries ripe on tree Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste’s specialty coffee industry is being put on the map with coffee production partnership, Orijem Timor, connecting farmers in Timor-Leste to global markets, and we couldn’t be more proud to be involved. Together with our partners, we are working towards sharing and growing specialty coffees from the beautiful Timor-Leste in a sustainable and progressive way […]

Direct Trade

Direct Trade. A term that we have come to know exists but as consumers we may not understand it in its entirety. The purpose of direct trade is to provide support across the entire length of the supply chain. By purchasing directly from the producers who grow and cultivate coffee, roasters can share a better […]

Harvesting Calendar 2022

Did you know, some of the most special coffees are sourced in advance? You might have heard about many special Project Origin lots but never seen them on our product list. That’s because a big percentage of what we source is sold to roasters who pre-plan their stock before it gets to the product list. If you are looking for something specific or something you consistently need in your blends, talk to your green bean sales representative.

World Coffee Market

It’s been a wild few months in the global coffee market, and yes, that’s considering the last two years have been pretty wild! So we wanted to share an update with you about what is happening with, and how you can prepare for, two major elements of the specialty coffee supply chain.

CM Selections Flavour Spectrum

At Project Origin our intention is not to complicate the experience for the coffee taster or cupper. It should be fun, enjoyable and should help you see deeper into the world of specialty coffee and all the variables that have culminated to bring you the final experience.
So, we are launching the CM Selections Flavour Spectrum.