What does 'fresh harvest' mean?
It is very reasonable to assume that most green beans are roasted somewhere between 6-18 months post harvest. So, where does this leave us with the term ‘fresh crop’ and the need to chase it?
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Specialty green coffee beans sourced from over fifteen origins.​
Quality. Sustainability. Community
About us
Iris Estate Competition coffees from the 2024 harvest are now live!
These lots are all sold out! You can view the lot names and processes here, and contact us to ensure you receive lots in the next harvest.
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Project Origin exists to empower people so together we can change the world we see.

Our headquarters is based in Australia’s capital, Canberra, and sources specialty green coffee beans from 18 coffee origins and shares them all across the world.​

Coffee Sourcing Updates

Coffee sourcing updates and harvesting news into bite sized segments that you can refer to at a glance.

Who we are

Project Origin is much more than a green coffee bean sourcing and importing company.

We collaborate directly with producers to craft and curate the coffees we work with, and every day we are guided by our values: Quality, Sustainability and Community.

Our philosophy is to align with partners that share our values and to keep our sourcing chain short to ensure prices are received by the people who deserve it most. On average we pay 2-4 times the commodity coffee price (C-market).

Community Projects

The Project Origin Community Fund has allocated money towards projects that build daycare centres, infrastructure, drying beds, green coffee processing and fermentation facilities and more.

News and Events

We are constantly evolving and innovating in our projects to better the world as we see it through specialty coffee. Find out what we are up to this month at Project Origin.

CM Selections

The carbonic maceration (CM) process produces intentionally crafted coffees with unique flavour experiences. Project Origin works collaboratively with producers, controlling yeasts and fermentation, to bring you this chosen selection of green coffee.

Stay up to date!

Stay up to date with our Project Origin projects and latest specialty green bean coffee imports