Papua New Guinea

Washed processed coffee beans clean and finished processing for specialty coffee with clean cup profile from Ecuador

Across the rugged Eastern and Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea lay many small coffee farms, providing a significant proportion of income not just for these regions, but for the whole country. The industry in PNG features mostly smallholders with only a handful of larger estates and plantations. High altitudes and equatorial climates produce excellent specialty coffee growing potential, although transportation from farm to mill to port continues to be a challenge due to limited road infrastructure and remote farming communities in these mountainous areas. Most PNG coffee is processed with the washed method, although we are starting to see both honey and natural processes as well.

Sourcing Updates July 2023


Papua New Guinea has two harvesting periods each year. The early harvest is from January to February and the main harvest is May to September. Coffees will typically ship from each origin about 3-4 months after the harvest begins.


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