What does 'fresh harvest' mean?
It is very reasonable to assume that most green beans are roasted somewhere between 6-18 months post harvest. So, where does this leave us with the term ‘fresh crop’ and the need to chase it?
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Specialty green coffee beans sourced from over fifteen origins.​
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Iris Estate Competition coffees from the 2024 harvest are now live!
These lots are all sold out! You can view the lot names and processes here, and contact us to ensure you receive lots in the next harvest.
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Project Origin exists to empower people so together we can change the world we see.

Our headquarters is based in Australia’s capital, Canberra, and sources specialty green coffee beans from 18 origins and shares them all across the world.​


Coffee sourcing updates and harvesting news into bite sized segments that you can refer to at a glance.


Project Origin 不仅仅是一家咖啡生豆采购和进口公司。


我们的理念是与认同我们价值观的合作伙伴达成一致,并缩短我们的采购链,以确保价格能被最值得的人接受。平均而言,我们支付商品咖啡价格(C 市场)的 2-4 倍。


Project Origin 社区基金已拨款用于建设日托中心、基础设施、干燥床、咖啡生豆加工和发酵设施等项目。


我们在项目中不断发展和创新,以通过精品咖啡改善世界。在 Project Origin 了解我们本月的最新动态。


二氧化碳浸渍 (CM) 工艺可生产出具有独特风味体验的特制咖啡。 Project Origin 与生产商合作,控制酵母和发酵,为您带来精选的咖啡生豆。


随时了解我们的 Project Origin 项目和最新的精品咖啡生豆进口