The classic Kenyan cup profile is high in acidity, refined, juicy and often associated with black currant style flavours. With processing methods expanding from exclusively washed to now including natural processing, as well as Project Origin’s Supernatural and CM processes, you can expect wonderful variations on the profiles you have come to love. Coffee in Kenya is produced by smallholders that sell to washing stations, estates and co-operatives. Green coffee is graded based on screen size with AA being largest followed by AB and so on. Project Origin has two different collaborative processing partners in Kenya; Thageini washing station and Maguta Estate, both located in Nyeri County. With these partners we create CM Selections and Supernatural coffees and use part of the proceeds from selling these coffees to invest in the local community, improving quality of life for washing station workers, coffee growers and their families.

Sourcing Updates March 2024


Kenya has two harvesting periods each year. The early harvest, or fly crop, is from May to August and the main harvest is October to February. Coffees will typically ship from each origin about 3-4 months after the harvest begins.


Community projects in Kenya

The Project Origin Community Fund has allocated money towards projects that build daycare centres, infrastructure, drying beds, green coffee processing and fermentation facilities and more.

Product List

A full list of what green bean coffees are available for order now