Washed coffee drying on patios used for processing coffee Ayarza Regional blend

One of the biggest producers of coffee in Central America, Guatemalans have been growing coffee trees for over 150 years. The terrain in which most coffee is grown is beautiful, rugged and mountainous, making transport from farm to mill to port challenging. The most common coffee growing regions in Guatemala are Antigua, Huehuetenango, Cobán, San Marcos, Atitlan and Fraijanes, and the coffee is usually shade grown and wet processed. Through our on-the-ground partners in Guatemala, Project Origin sources regional coffees and microlots each year and we particularly love how diverse and unique Guatemalan coffees are compared to other Central American origins.


Guatemala has one main harvesting period from October to February. Coffees will typically ship from each origin about 3-4 months after the harvest begins.


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