La Merced

Looking for a farm with a history lesson? Let’s go back to 1832. Finca La Merced, meaning ‘mercy’, was purchased by Francisco Alburez and named in respect to the previous owners. Francisco passed the land on to his daughter Maria Alburez de Ortega who harvested corn and black beans with her husband. The farm then continued down the family tree, to their son Carlos, who planted the farm’s first coffee tree in 1912. During management of the farm, he experienced devastating earthquakes that collapsed the farm’s house and church, and was forced to flee with his wife through the civil war movement. Now, the farm is run and managed by the fifth generation of the Alburez family, and they continue to produce worthy tasting coffees.


San Martin Jilotepeque


Alburez family




1750 - 1900 m


Dec - Apr

Rows of coffee saplings at La Merced Guatemala
Pulping and processing equipment where whole coffee cherries are placed before being dried. La Merced Guatemala
Little coffee saplings growing at La Merced Guatemala Central America

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