La Leona

Producer Adalid Caballero has been producing coffee for over 40 years, and throughout his career he favoured the washed processing techniques for his coffees. But in the 2016/17 harvest, he implemented a natural process for the lempira variety, and it was this lot that Project Origin was highly encouraged to try by our friend and COE judge Rony Gamez. When this lot was cupped, we thought we had received a washed by mistake – it was complex, fruity and powerful but with an extremely clean mouthfeel and finish. Since this day, we have sourced Adalid’s naturally processed lempira and several years later, we are still impressed by his work. The La Leona cup profiles have featured on the world stage, including in WCIGS Championship 2018 by Australian representative Danny Wilson.


Santa Barbara

Coffee producer Adalid Caballero with coffee sacks from La Leona

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