Finca El Pino

Finca El Pino is a small 3.5 hectares of land cared for by a producer with a heart and dedication that spans well beyond the land’s fences. Walter Samuel Ramirez’s goal each year was to plant more coffee trees and buy more land with every harvest he sold, but the profits were not sustainable at the local markets. With the help of our Project Origin friend, Rony Gamez, Walter began to make subtle changes on the farm and in his cherry processing, and now, Project Origin are proud to support El Pino in their goals to expand and thrive through successful coffee harvests.



Coffee producer Walter Ramirez at his drying beds under cover for processing at Finca El Pino


Walter Samuel Ramirez




1750 m


Jan - Mar

Coffee producer Walter Samuel Ramirez and his family at El Pino Honduras

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