La Perla

Producer Jose Efrain Gonzales began his coffee processing journey by purchasing the land of La Perla and planting 2000 coffee trees. The road to beginning his career in coffee farming was not easy as the market was unkind and did not pay Jose well. Thanks to the help of our Project Origin friend and COE Judge Rony Gamez, Jose learned how to approach the coffee trees differently in order to appeal to the specialty coffee market. In no time at all, Jose’s coffee founds it’s way to us, and we know that his dedication towards the land and the trees result in some great quality specialty green coffee beans.


Nueva Esperanza, Comayagua

Finca la Perla in Honduras Central America where coffee grows on the slopes of the mountain


Jose Efrain Gonzales




1700 m


Jan - Mar

Coffee producer Jose Efrain Gonzales at his farm finca la Perla in Honduras

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