San Payo

The beautiful Finca San Payo is a reflection of the sweet and humble man who purchased its 21 hectares in 2007. At 62 years of age, Don Mario remains fit by walking the steep slopes of his farm, and says he will continue to do so until his legs no longer work. Upon purchase, amongst the trees, he began planting coffee varieties despite not knowing much about coffee, but, he says, “I wanted to plant coffee, so I planted coffee.” And so began the San Payo coffee farm.


El Avion, Mozonte

Green leaves under the sun on the side of a mountain at a coffee farm


Mario Inocente Gutierrez Peralta


Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai, Catimor, Maracaturra


1450 m


Feb - May

Specialty arabica coffee farm finca la San Payo in the coffe belt in Nicaragua
Specialty coffee producer Mario Guiteirrez at his farm in Nicaragua

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