Los Cedros

Coffee producer Jeydi Domiguez who proudly owns finca Los Cedros is motivated by her family. She is personally involved in harvesting the cherries, milling and drying the green beans and expresses her interest in improving the farm to continue helping her family. Project Origin is excited to work with producers like Jeydi in helping them understand the value of their work and their green beans. Jeydi says “I hope this coffee is appreciated and enjoyed.” And we think it is.


Campanario, Intibuca

Coffee Producer Jeydi Domiguez with her washed coffee beans on raised drying beds at Los Cedros Honduras

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Jeydi Domiguez




1800 m


Jan - Mar

Coffee Producer Jeydi Domiguez in her drying room at Los Cedros Honduras
Landscape view of mountains at Los Cedros Honduras

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