Our Regional Maubisse lots are produced by Mateus Lopes, who grows and harvests cherries in the aldeia of Sara in the Maubisse suko of Ainaro. The shade trees in the area allows the coffee cherries to mature at a constant and slower rate, resulting in better quality flavours. During the management of the farm, Mateus collects the off-cuts from his pruning and stumping of the coffee trees and gives them to a local art school, where they are turned into sculptured art. Our partners in Orijem Timor, Kape Diem, describe the work as “a unique interpretation on the art of coffee.”



View through a village in Maubisse Timor Leste


Orijem Timor


Hibrido de Timor


1200 m


Aug - Oct

Raised drying beds with a stack of washed processed green beans in Maubisse Timor-Leste
Raised drying beds in Maubisse Timor Leste with workers laying out the green coffee beans

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