Regioanl Pisuquia

When the Chavez Cuchca family bought this plot of land in the sector of La Balsa, the coffee trees grew wild and were spread via wild turkeys who ate and digested the berries. With very little equipment to process the beans, they used a mortar and a rope to hit dried coffee to extract the green bean up until 1992, and lead pack donkeys down a game trail road to transport the product to the nearest town – 15 hours away. With the help of greater coffee proces and higher demand for Peruvian coffee, the Chavez Cuchca family have proper processing equipment and a highway connecting the local houses to the town. Project Origin are proud to support and promote families such as this one to continue providing support and fair prices for wonderful coffee.


Pisuquia, Amazonas

Driving to coffee farm La Balsa in Peru


Chavez Cuchca family


Caturra, Catimor, Typica


2000 m


Apr - Jun

The Chavez Cuchca Family at La Balsa coffee farm in Peru

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