My Liberica

Welcome to a very special and exciting project. My Liberica coffee farm specialises in growing, harvesting and processing the species Coffea liberica, which has a unique and interesting cup profile and structure, just like arabica and robusta. Sasa Sestic began co-operation with the specialised team at My Liberica in 2020 to develop anaerobic style processing methods, which was used by Australian WBC competitor, Hugh Kelly, in 2021. My liberica invested towards their new processing facility in 2014 with objectives to improve coffee flavours in the liberica species. Couple this with their solid understanding of geography, soil composition, environmental sustainability applications and full coffee supply chain knowledge, we know they will be offering the world an extraordinary expression of this coffee species worthy of exploration. Project Origin is excited to be delving into this world and learning what others have discovered about Liberica coffee.


Kulai, Johor

Unripe coffee cherries on liberica coffee tree in Malaysia


My Liberica


Species Coffea liberica


0 - 20 m


Apr - Jul

My Liberica warehouse for processing liberica coffee in Malaysia
Ripening liberica coffee cherries in Malaysia
Harvested and processed coffee cherries at My Liberica drying under sun

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