Project Origin is excited to welcome China into our list of origins supplying specialty arabica green coffee beans to roasters all over the world. The coffee production history in China is shorter than many other origins, but it is full of promise. Modern cultivation of coffee began in 1988, and has elevated its volume to sit in the top 20 producing countries in under 30 years. With time, patience, and education, we know specialty coffee from China will grow out of its sunken ‘Made In China’ label and flourish as brightly as its typical cup aromas – think black teas, fragrant spices, chocolates and fruits. Project Origin are working with partners in China to find the best options for both blends and single origin offerings. Watch this space for exciting news to come.


China has one main harvesting period from October to February. Coffees will typically ship from each origin about 3-4 months after the harvest begins.


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