Santuario Sul

Santuario Sul is the project for producer Luiz Paulo to create coffees ahead of market trends. His goal over the upcoming years is to “always be at the forefront of the market and offer more and more quality!” He is doing this by planting and cultivating varieties from different regions across the world in an attempt to discover a new Brazilian coffee profile. Luiz Paulo now has over 30 varieties of coffee trees planted and carefully monitored to learn which can offer the best results based on the climatic conditions and soil qualities that he has on the land.


Carmo de Minas

Hands holding ripe coffee cherries at Santuario Sul in Brazil


Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira Filho


Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Gesha, Starmaya


1300 m


May - Aug

Rows of coffee trees planted on the land at Finca Santuario Sul in Brazil
Coffee producer Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira Filho at Santuario Sul Brazil
Coffee Cherries at Santuario Sul coffee farm in Brazil

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